Devblog #1

So this is the first blog from the development of Crevice, where we will share insights into the production of the game with you.
The whole team has been hard at work over the past few months. A lot of planning and testing has been done, and the fundamentals of the RPG have been designed.
The dialogs have been proofread and polished, and the first character’s voice lines have been successfully recorded with the help of our competent audio team. Special thanks to Kati Hötzinger for lending her voice to the ingame character „Rose“.
During the last weeks a lot of progress has been achieved concerning the characters and creatures, some of which you can see in the pictures. The combat system is starting to come together, and the human player character’s animations are also being worked on right now, while the dragon animations are already implemented and being polished. Stay tuned for awesome dragon action in the future!
Also, three of the game’s large areas have been planned, set up and tested, and they undergo heavy development right now as more and more assets (single pieces that make up the whole game together) are finished and implemented.
The UI (User Interface) is also slowly taking form. Good news for everybody that wants to customize their UI: You will be able to independently activate or deactivate every UI element, so that the perfect personal gaming experience can be achieved. If you have questions or other feedback, feel free to comment! If you want to stay up to date on the status of the game, be sure to check our site for more devblogs and other content in the future. Scopegoat Over 😀

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