Devblog #2

Over the course of the last week we recorded a lot of dialogs for the game. All of the voice actors did a fantastic job! We recorded Benjamin Cemel as the narrator, Nico Wright as Thorir, Natascha Nortz as Leara, Thomas Richter as Serodan, Christian Lankes as Gruwan, Leo Moritz as Bastan and Ratak Urak, Oli Zielinski as Craig and Hanna Kelber as several random NPCs.
Special thanks to our audio team for handling all the recordings!
We also had our second scheduled playtest. These tests are very important for detecting bugs and glitches and also ensure that we check on the user-friendliness of the game on a regular basis.
Usually three or four people are testing the latest version of the game, closely monitored by our vision keepers who record all feedback. When a tester is done messing around with the game, another one takes his place. This process is repeated several times, so that a large amount of feedback can be gathered, which then servers as a valid base for future enhancements of the game.
Behind the scenes, we are working on the combat and quest system, the human animations, a mysterious ruin, two terrifying creatures, the fighting AI and a very special kind of armor 😉
Stay tuned for our next Devblog and feel free to comment if you want to know something particular 😀

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