Devblog #3

During the last two weeks, we successfully finished our voice recordings. Thanks to all voice actors for borrowing their voice to our game. 🙂
Also, our first business cards arrived with our beautiful Crevice logo!
Apart from our visit at the RPC, which we wrote about in the last #crevicereport, we prepared ourselves for the next milestone, which contained an intern playtest with a playable pre-version of the game.
„A playtest? Without me?“ – Don’t worry, it’ll take only three more months until you will be able to play a free demo of Crevice yourself!
While the days were getting hotter and hotter, our level designer worked on cool ocean water, lush forests and shady caves.
The dragon controls are being improved even more, and the first skills for the human combat system are being developed (finally, we are able to ignite NPCs 😉 )
The dragon itself is being textured right now, which will give him his final look. We are all very excited how this mighty beast will turn out eventually!
Also, the quest system has been completed in the last two weeks, and the implementation of the main questline will begin soon. Time to turn this game into the deep story-driven experience we aim to deliver to you guys.
Talking about story, we’ve got a screenshot showing a small selection of ingame books for you. Which one of those titles would you like to read? Let us know in the comments 😀

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