Devblog #4

During the last weeks, we had a pretty productive playtest preparation phase (ppppp), where we worked together as a team, programmers asking for new animations of artists, audios asking for implementation spots of the coders and stuff like that. Concerning animations, there are some fancy new animations of our main character Taron, reaching from a surfer-jump-proxy-animation (it’s funny because Taron hates water…) to hit and death animations.
Apart from that, our dragon is textured right now, shining in beautiful colors reaching from yellow to red! (some might say there are also blue elements in the dragon texture…)
We also proudly show our first completely modeled enemy creature: The Uboro! The next step is to give this guy colors and bring him to life with flying animations.
As you can see, our landscape starts looking good (even though our artists would say there’s still so much to do…) and we finally implemented our first few quests. We also managed to let all of our characters talk ingame. (Oh, that mean Serodan…)
Last but not least, Scopegoat Interactive will be present at the „Traumberuf“ fair at the booth of the SAE Institute. If you are there too, just look for the Crevice logo. 🙂
That’s it for now, have a nice weekend and don’t forget to like and share this post – if it was nice, of course. 🙂
Scopegoat Over!?

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