RPC Report

Since we’ve arrived safely back home from our travel to the Role-Play-Convention in Cologne, it’s time for a summary of these past days!
The RPC itself was a really good experience in promotion and marketing for us. Especially our Shirts were really helpful since we got easily recognized with them. We even attracted curiosity from random people on the streets of Cologne and waiters in restaurants with whom we had a talk about Scopegoat and Crevice then!
But back to the convention itself: we had a lot of fun having so many nice conversations with so many different people about our project, it was really amazing.
We had a nice chat with the guys from Piranha Bytes as well, who gave us some nice tips and were open to talk with us.
Meeting so many friendly people who were open to listen to us about what we’re planning to do was really delighting! Thank you all for that! ❤️
We enjoyed the convention itself as well, so many awesome looking cosplayers, so much good smelling food, trying out some games like „ELEX“ or „The Finest Guild of Gentleorcs“. In general the atmosphere was really nice, it felt like the right convention for us and our game and thus we enjoyed it a lot.
We have big plans to come back next year, hopefully with an official booth where we can give better insight to our project, let people play the game and hand out some nice goodies!
We hope everyone got back home save and enjoyed the RPC just as we did!
See you there next year! ?

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