About Scopegoat Interactive

We are a team of passionate game developers trying to fulfill our dream. We want to create an awesome RPG that is powered by our own creativity while paying homage to the spirit of our favorite games. We don’t like the idea of games being viewed solely as a technical and entertainment product, we believe that every game has a soul and can be a work of art. We want to create an amazing game, that we enjoy making, and hopefully you enjoy playing. Have you ever wondered if you could make a living building the world you imagine in your dreams, and turn it into a fun and interesting gaming experience? We did, and we said: Let’s do it!


So if you're wondering who makes up the core team behind Scopegoat Interactive, read on...

Andreas Hötzinger (Andi)

Creating my own worlds has always been a passion of mine. Before I got into full time game development, I spent my time modding games, and way before that, I covered each piece of paper nearby with my drawings.


Developing our own game is the ultimate playground for my creativity. Being the Lead Artist and Level Designer for Crevice, all it takes for my ideas to become realized is some time in front of my computer (which is my natural habitat anyways). 

With today's technology, a professional game dev education and lots of hard work, I am finally able to share the stories lingering in my head with the world.



So, if you'll spend hours exploring the world of Crevice without thinking about the boring real life, then I've done my job right. Oh, and if you happen to fall through the game world or get stuck in some corner - that's probably my fault too...

Lukas Kelber (Luke)

Luke is the Technical Goat, meaning if there’s a bug in Crevice - blame him! He also cares about the audio stuff, meaning if you don’t like a soundtrack of Crevice - blame him! He loves playing multiplayer games like League of Legends, singleplayer games like Witcher, Skyrim, Divinity, Gothic, Risen… ok we got it he loves singleplayer games. If he doesn’t play or work, he likes producing music.

Roland Fröhlich

Not only muscles create power. Experience and courage are useful ingredients of successful projects. So Roland is the missing part to the innovative and creative leaders Andi & Luke. 


As a graduated business manager and semi-professional drummer his job is to keep discussions calm and effective.


Let`'s bring good things together!

There is also a large number of talented people who are working with us on the game, including:


Fabian Stefani

Michelle Neumann

Kilian Oser

Vincent Engel

Sascha Waluga

Kilian Eschenbach

Steffi Aurora Kleist

Luis Pickert

Tanja Stajic

Christian Claus

Alina Respress



 and many others.


We would like to thank every one of them for their support!