Frequently asked Questions

How can I support the game?

Check this page to see all the ways you can support the development of Crevice!


When will you release the game?

We will release a free playable prototype as soon as it's ready. The full game will probably release in 2022, but this depends on a couple of factors and may be subject to change.


What about lootboxes, micro transactions etc.?

Never ever. We want to offer quality games that are fun to play, for a fair one-time-purchase. Predatory practices and gambling mechanics like lootboxes and micro transactions won't have a place in any of our games. Instead, we try our best to shut down this horrible trend that has infested the gaming industry.


Why do you have a goat in your logo?

Could be because of our team name, but that's just rumors ;-)


What does Scopegoat mean?

We like to make games with a big scope (=lots of content), and goats are just cool. So we naturally came up with this wordplay on "scapegoat", as lots of content means lots of work, but that's just how we like it ^^

And as we really liked the sound of it, we made it our team name.


Why is the game called Crevice?

Crevices are present in the game in a multitude of ways. Some are very physical in nature, like the rifts in the landscape, while others are to be understood in a metaphorical way. You will (hopefully) understand when playing the game for yourself!


Can we customize the look and gender of the player character?

Taron with his unique, predetermined backstory is an integral part of our game's narrative. We feel like customizable player characters fit very well into sandbox-RPGs like the Elder Scrolls series, but not into RPGs that heavily rely on a strong story, like Crevice. The Witcher series has shown how much a game's story can benefit from a predetermined player character, and we are confidently using a similar approach.


Is there going to be a multiplayer in Crevice?

We feel like there is no need for a multiplayer in the story-driven experience that Crevice will offer. Additionally, developing a high quality multiplayer would drain lots of resources that we want to invest into an awesome singleplayer experience.


How can I apply for a job at Scopegoat Interactive?

If you want to apply for a job at our studio or think you can help us as a freelancer, please write a mail to 

It would be helpful for us if you include some form of portfolio (links).