Critical milestones and important updates about Scopegoat Interactive and our game Crevice.

Newsletter system activated [30. 01. 2019]

The newsletter system is now up and running! 

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A new year awaits [30. 12. 2018]

While we're working on the Southern Sea islands, their relics and inhabitants as well as the physics based dragon controls, 2018 is coming to an end. Things are constantly changing, but the development continues :)

We hope all of you have a few nice days and a happy new year! 

There are lots of exciting things to come for 2019, such as new lore spotlights, brand new soundtracks, a wonderful map of the game world, a teaser trailer and maybe even the reveal of the dragon...

See you in the new year!

Milestone 2: A company is born [8. 3. 2018]

While already working on the game for over a year, on March 8th 2018 we officially founded Scopegoat Interactive as a company. This provides us with a strong legal base for the development of Crevice.

Milestone 1: The beginning [10/2016]

It's late October of 2016. The core team that will soon form Scopegoat Interactive has already developed a couple of diverse games in private, as part of their game dev university program and at various game jams.

Thrilled by the idea of building up our own unique fantasy world and driven by ambition to bring a brand new RPG to the fans of the Gothic, Divinity and Witcher games, we stuck our heads together and set in motion a cascade of events that would change our lives forever.